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What will we see on the tour?

This tour will cover all of the known “Star Wars” filming locations within Death Valley National Park. The basic tour will have us visiting and spending time at all eight (8) of the main “Star Wars” locations over two (2) days. These are:

  • Mos Eisley Overlook
  • The Road to Jabba’s Palace
  • Jawa Canyon (The Crevasse from which they stalked Artoo)
  • Bantha Canyon
  • Artoo’s Arroyo
  • Sandcrawler Station
  • Landspeeder Road
  • Artoo’s Dunes

You will also see many other areas that weren’t necessarily used in the movies, but certainly look & feel like it. Essentially, be prepared to spend a couple of days on Tatooine! We will break up the two tour days with a nice dinner at the restaurant at the Furnace Creek Inn.


What is the difference between the 2-Day and 3-Day tours?

Right now, we are focusing on the standard 2-Day tour, which will cover all of the “Star Wars” locations. However, if the demand is there we will also offer an additional day… to both spread out the time spent at these locations as well as possibly visit some other, non-“Star Wars” related sites in the park. We are also open to providing 3-Days of guidance and insight to all of the “Star Wars” locations for artists, costumers, photographers, filmmakers, etc. who want to spend as much time as possible at specific locations for their own projects.


Why is it so expensive?

We want to make this experience as affordable as possible for our fellow “Star Wars” fans. But obviously, there is some considerable expense on our end. Not just our own travel and such, but also National Park Service fees, etc. Also, while touring the locations we will be providing snacks and drinks to all tour participants, and will also be paying for a nice dinner for everyone at the Wrangler Steak House in Furnace Creek after the first day of the tour.  What’s more, all tour participants will also receive some cool goodies, such as t-shirts, patches, badges (on lanyards), photos, etc.  We really want this to be an “experience” and give everyone the most “bang for your buck”, as they say. And we feel we’ve been able to accomplish this will also keeping the tour cost in-line with similar multi-day guided, interactive tours.


Why do we have to put down a deposit?

The deposit is merely to confirm level of interest and hold your spot on a particular scheduled tour. We have a finite amount of people we can take on a given tour so accepting deposits is the best way to confirm reservations. You will then have until 14-30 days before the tour to pay the remaining balance. We have to receive the funds at least that far in advance to not only confirm the final tour participants (and book our own travel), but also to cover other ancillary costs on our end. You will also have until this period (14-30 days before tour) to ask for a Refund on your deposit should you decide to cancel your tour.


What about the weather?

Indeed Death Valley is a place of extremes, particularly extreme heat during the Spring and Summer months. We will do everything we can to communicate with you beforehand to see that you are prepared for this. You will be fine. It’s not Hell, and tourists visit the park year round. You just need to be aware of the heat & conditions and come prepared. Also, Death Valley has been known to have a freak Flash Flood or two over the years. These are rare, particularly during the times we will be scheduling tours. But they do happen. Our tours will go on rain, shine or extreme heat. However, should there be a terrible case of inclement weather or should the park be closed we will re-schedule the tour for a later date. We do not expect this to occur, but this is nature…


Why are we responsible for our own travel?

We looked into offering “turn key” packages for the tours, which included all travel and lodgings for participants. But our early research discovered that it’s just not logistically or financially feasible to do so. Participants will be coming from literally all over the country, and the world. So the more sensible thing to do was just offer packages for the tour itself within Death Valley and with participants responsible for their own lodging and travel to/from the park. However… we ARE looking into the possibility of getting a special Group Rate from the Furnace Creek Inn hotel in Death Valley, which we would then obviously offer to our tour participants to save on their lodging costs. Also, we will absolutely help make suggestions on your travel to/from Death Valley, no matter where you are coming from.


Can children take the tour?

Children can attend and participate on the tour at a special Children’s rate with a paid parent or guardian. However, we do not suggest bringing very, very young children on the tour due to the conditions and also ask that you not bring any children under the age of 3.



Can we take the tour in our Star Wars costumes?

Yes. However, we must note that the logistics for major costuming (i.e. Stormtrooper armor) at some of these locations can potentially get pretty difficult. Also, we will only have a certain amount of time to spend at each location. While this time will be significant, we ask that you be respectful of all other participants on the tour and understand that we can’t really hold up the tour for costume changes, etc. That’s not to say it’s not possible, you just need to be aware that rushing to get in/out of costume at certain locations might be stressful for you. Also, it’s HOT! :-P  But we do understand that many folks will want to visit these locations  and do photo shoots in their costumes. And we absolutely encourage this! Just be aware of logistics and potential hassles. If you’re in a large (6+) group of folks who want to do costumes (or bring other props, etc) at the locations we suggest booking your own special tour, which we will be happy to do. This will also allow us to customize and plan the tour around the costuming/prop requirements.


Is there a special “group rate” price for tours?

Yes, for single groups of 8 or more adults we can provide a bit of a discount. If this is something you’re wanting to do (book a special group rate for 8-20 people) simply email us at: jedi@starwarsroadtrips.com with the Subject Line “Group Tours” and let us know your plans and how many people you will have in your group.


What about the other U.S. Locations (Sand Dunes near Yuma, AZ; Redwoods in Northern California, etc.)?

We have thought about organizing tours to other locations outside of Death Valley National Park, and it may be something we can offer in the future. However, for now we are focusing on the “Star Wars” experience in Death Valley .  However, if you are also planning to travel to one of the other locations on your own we will be happy to provide you with tips and guidance, and there is always our book, “The Star Wars Filming Locations of The United States”:



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