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The Death Valley Star Wars Experience

Guides: Authors Adam Parr & Carl Cunningham


Table of Contents:

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Click here now!!

I.  How This Began

II.  The Best

III.  What To Expect

IV.  Testimonials

V.  Let’s Go!

VI.  Photos:

a.  The Star Wars Locations

b.  Death Valley & Furnace Creek Resort

c.  Our Trips

VII.  Pricing, Terms & More:

a.  Intro

b.  General Safety & Common Sense

c.  Inclusions

d.  Exclusions

e.  Terms & Conditions

f.  Making Payments

g.  Personal Info & Application

h.  Emergency Contact Info Form

i.   Waiver of Liability

j.   F.A.Q.



how this began



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In case you hadn’t noticed, this is NOT the typical Star Wars fan site.  (We DID, however, run StarWarsFan.Org from 1995 through 2005.) We’ve written a book which we believe is unique. We wanted to buy a reference book covering the shooting locations used for the Star Wars films, but it didn’t exist…

Adam, Cris, Christina & Carl

Adam, Cris, Christina & Carl

So we wrote it.  (Well, okay.  The U.S. half so far, anyway.)

Over the years, we covered thousands of miles out west, and researched every spot used for location shooting for the films.  (Including one or two not accessible to the public.)   But our main destination was Death Valley National Park.  We shot hundreds of photographs, recorded GPS coordinates, made endless notes.  Hell, we even discovered a “new” shooting location never before identified by anyone else on the planet.  (Luke’s Lightsaber Construction Cave, the Ep. VI deleted scene, as first released via the Blu-Ray set of late 2011.  Remember that?  Found & photographed it.  In 2005.)

In the process we fell in love with Death Valley.  Roughly half of our book is devoted to it.  We’ve spent weeks out there and have gotten to know it like the back of our hand.  And we’ve had an absolute blast each time.  We can’t stop going back, frankly.

Now we want to share the Death Valley shooting locations with you.  Not just in a book, but in person, out there.  As mentioned in the book, these experiences changed our lives, and we want to share some of that magic with you.  We promise that you’ve never experienced anything quite like what we have in store for you.

NatGeo Death Valley Map

NatGeo Death Valley Map


the best




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Quite frankly, we’re the two people on Earth most qualified to put together such an experience.  We’ve done this many times.  We’ve also taken others there, and they’ll be happy to tell you about their experiences.  We’ve spent a lot of time in the desert, and will give you plenty of tips about how to stay safe & have fun in that demanding & beautiful environment.  And obviously, we’ve quite simply got a passion for Death Valley that we seem to be able to impart to those who travel with us.

We have suggestions for you about things to do, places to go, where to eat, etc., quite literally from the moment your arrival flight touches down in Las Vegas.  And then, clearly, in Death Valley, for 2 or 3 days of going, seeing & doing.  We won’t plan things too rigidly, as the name of the game here is fun.  But we can show you how to fill every minute of your time, should that be what you want to do.

(Although the central theme here is the Star Wars locations, there are plenty of other beautiful places in Death Valley we can share with you.)


what to expect




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Here’s an idea of exactly what you can expect as you travel & explore with us.  (This is a high-level summary. Details are available to interested prospective clients.  Interested?  Let us know.)

  • Timeframe:       At present, we’re going 4-6 times per year. Spring & Fall are best.
  • Group Size:        6-15 clients, plus two or three lead guides & other possible SWRT support staff
  • Tour Duration:        2 & 3-day tours available, (and duration will determine pricing)

    Furnace Creek Resort - Take a Virtual Tour!

    Furnace Creek Resort – Take a Virtual Tour!

  • Goods & Services Provided:
    (*** – Please note that all airfare, car rentals & lodging expenses are the responsibility of each client.  These expenses are not included – we’re all paying our own way.  There is however, A LOT included with the tour, as you’ll see below.)

    • Complete contact information of your guides
    • Thorough Pre-Tour Communication via:
      • Email
      • Phone (as necessary)
      • Skype Video-conferencing (if necessary)
      • USPS mail  (pre-tour pkg w/ plans, books, maps, supplies, etc.)
      • SWRT Forums
    • Our Book on the Star Wars Locations – 1 copy per client, signed & inscribed to you.
    • Suggested Travel Plan, including:
      • Flight options
      • Rental car options
      • Hotel options
      • Pre-Death Valley shopping / food / supplies suggestion list
      • Drive to Death Valley – route choices & sightseeing options
      • Death Valley lodging options  (Two Main Options: Furnace Creek Inn & Furnace Creek Ranch)
      • Guide to Death Valley shops, restaurants, services, gas stations, etc.

        Death Valley Nat'l Park - eBrochure

        Death Valley Nat’l Park – eBrochure

      • Departure options
    • SWRT Death Valley Tour Itinerary, including location schedule & complete directions for:
      • Mos Eisley Overlook
      • The Road to Jabba’s Palace
      • Jawa Canyon (The Jawas’ Crevasse)
      • Bantha Canyon
      • Artoo’s Arroyo
      • Sandcrawler Station
      • Landspeeder Road
      • Artoo’s Dunes
      • Other Death Valley sites & locations of interest:
        (**Please Note: It is probable that some of these ancillary locations will fit into the 3rd & final day of the 3-day tour.  During the 2-day tour, we will not be able to personally guide you to these spots.  However, should you wish to visit these locations on your own, outside the official itinerary, we’ll be happy to show you the way.)

        • Scotty’s Castle

          Mosaic Canyon - Adam

          Mosaic Canyon – Adam

        • The Racetrack
        • Badwater
        • Ubehebe Crater
        • The Trona Pinnacles
        • Camping options / site locations
    • Drinking water & Gatorade
    • Daily lunch
    • Trail mix, nuts, granola, jerky, etc.
    • Group & Individual photos – Clients & Guides, both posed & candid, throughout the entire trip
    • SWRT Tour Team T-Shirts, patches & more…
    • Personalized Scrapbook, including: 
      • Annotated route-and-location map of Death Valley Star Wars filming locations
      • All Star Wars Location Photo Prints, 8″ x 10″, signed
      • All Artistic Scene Rendering Prints from the book, 8″ x 10″, signed
      • Group & Individual photos, 8″ x 10″
      • Many other items which will remain surprises…
    • Permanent Client / Patron pages w/ travelogue & photo galleries on
      (And should you want to, you’ll be helping us write & compose these pages!  A great way to share your experiences with other fans & the rest of the world!)
    • One Top-Shelf, First Class dinner in either Furnace Creek, Death Valley or Las Vegas, NV.  (Over the years we’ve discovered some pretty fantastic places & made some friends at each of them.)
    • CA, NV &  DV  road maps
    • Flash drive or DVD-R with high-resolution copies of ALL photos from the entire trip





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Look like fun?  You have no idea, but don’t take our word for it.  Let some of the folks we’ve already worked with tell you about their experiences.

SWRT Tour Veterans:

  • Cris Macht of Macht Films – “The Force Among Us” & “The Force Within Us “:

    I had made a contribution to the Kickstarter Campaign for this project, I was going to go out to the Death Valley filming locations to shoot The Force Among Us 2 using this book as a guide. As a “seasoned” Star Wars location traveler, I was really interested in interviewing Carl and Adam for my documentary. It worked out that we met them in Death Valley and they gave us a most memorable guided tour of all the locations in 2 days! The Death Valley segment in The Force Within Us documentary would not have been 1/2 as good if we did not meet these guys! I was amazed at their knowledge and what’s better than getting a personal guided tour of the filming locations? Getting a personal guided tour from very knowledgeable passionate Star Wars fans of course!    Highly Recommended!”

  • Christina Bourdon – Friend, Colleague & Adventure Travel Companion Extraordinaire:
    “Before my first trip to Death Valley, I wasn’t even all that familiar with the Star Wars films themselves.  As an outdoors-nut it just seemed like a fun & adventurous place to visit.  I spent 3 days in Death Valley with Carl & Adam, and the entire experience went way beyond my expectations.  Such a enormous, beautiful place; now I’m hooked!  And going with two guys who had spent a lot of time there brought the whole thing to a new level.  It was obvious that they were really familiar with all the Star Wars locations, but they knew quite a bit about so many other areas & aspects of the park.  I got to see things with them that I never would have found on my own the first time out there.  We had such a blast, and actually, visiting the Star Wars locations with Carl & Adam, and their reference shots, I really wanted to watch the movies when I got home to see those scenes!  Awesome trip & I absolutely love Death Valley now.  Can’t wait to go back and see more!”


lets go



Carl, John & Adam

The Founders: Carl, John & Adam


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Sound good?  We truly hope so!  Drop us a line via email and let’s get started.  Or use this link to access the full-fledged tour application & personal info form!  We’d love to speak with you about any questions you may have, and about orchestrating what we believe will be one of the most unique & exciting things you’ve ever done.  Check out the photo galleries below to get a great feel for what we’ll be doing!

Thanks a million in advance,


- Adam & Carl, Your Guides


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    The Death Valley Star Wars Experience Guides: Authors Adam Parr & Carl Cunningham   Table of Contents:     I.  How This Began II.  The Best III.  What To Expect IV.  Testimonials V.  Let’s Go! VI.  Photos: a.  The Star Wars Locations b.  Death Valley & Furnace Creek Resort c.  Our Trips VII. …

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Adam, Cris, Christina & Carl

SWRT Tours Photos

    The best way for us to convey a sense of what you’ll be experiencing out there with us is to show you.  Below you’ll find a number of photo galleries that’ll give you great insight into what this is all about.  First we’ll show you the Star Wars shooting locations of Death Valley …

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SWRT Tours – Business Matters

    *Note: The following four (4) elements are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED for each & every client/participant.  No exceptions.  Each is presented in turn below, but think of these four items as your checklist: Client’s Personal Info & Application Client’s Emergency Information Form Waiver of Liability Form Making Payment F.A.Q.   I.  Intro: To be sure, …

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Client’s Personal Information & Tour Application

  Please take a few moments to fill out the form below.  We must have this all this personal information on file to begin the tour application & manifest process.  Please note that we’ll need a completed application for each member of your party, adults & minors alike. Thanks! – Adam & Carl  

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Client’s Emergency Contact Info

Please take a few moments to fill out the form below.  We must have this emergency contact information on file for you prior to the tour departure.  Thanks! – Adam & Carl  

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      What will we see on the tour? This tour will cover all of the known “Star Wars” filming locations within Death Valley National Park. The basic tour will have us visiting and spending time at all eight (8) of the main “Star Wars” locations over two (2) days. These are: Mos Eisley …

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