Mar 04

Ralph McQuarrie Dies at 82

We’re very saddened to learn that artist Ralph McQuarrie has died at the age of 82.  The official announcement was made on his site,  As you know, Ralph is quite literally responsible for creating the vast & beautiful visions of the Star Wars saga.  His incredible artwork served as the inspiration for the appearance of the finished scenes & environments we all know & love.  To be sure, neither Ralph nor his work will ever see their equal.  Eternal thanks, Ralph.  You are missed.

Ralph McQuarrie, 6/13/29 – 3/3/12, RIP.

– Adam & Carl

Mar 02

Now Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

PLUS, the publisher made a pricing error in YOUR favor!!  The book is now available at both as well as Barnes & for $29.99, as opposed to the correct price of $34.99!!  This pricing error could be fixed as soon as next week, but it will definitely be fixed on BOTH sites NO LATER than 3/31/12.  Which means, of course, go get it now and save $5!!!

Available at here – $29.99  for a short time  (Soon to jump to correct price of $34.99)

Available at Barnes & here – $29.99 for a short time  (Soon to jump to correct price of $34.99)

One final note:  We’re putting the finishing touches on a Kindle eBook version of the book right now, which will soon be available on as well.  Because the book is so photos-and-graphics-intensive though, it’s taking a while to configure properly.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted as further details become available!

Feb 26

Kickstarter Reward Packages

We’re waiting for everyone to submit their name and address info.  We’re also waiting on the complete first production run of the book itself to come in.  Then, we’ll be spending a couple of days signing books, location photo prints & art prints for all of our most generous founding patrons who gave so graciously through the Kickstarter effort.  We ask you to be a little patient as we get all the materials together, get them all signed, and then get them sent out to you!!  Thanks a million for all your help.  We can’t wait to get this book into your hands.

Adam & Carl

Feb 26 Goes Live!

Finally, we get to push these pages to production.  Now that the Kickstarter effort has ended, and the re-direct has served its purpose, our permanent online home is being launched!  Right now, just the skeleton framework of the site is visible.  Not too much content yet.  (We just finished writing a book, and conducted an enormous marketing campaign as well, you know?)  As the days go by, the graphics will get much prettier and the content much richer.  Be sure to bookmark us, and maybe even create a forum id.  We’d love to talk to you.

Stay tuned…

Adam & Carl

Feb 26

Kickstarter a Smashing Success!!

Well folks, we did it!!!  It’s finally official.  The Kickstarter fundraising effort was an absolutely smashing success.  A grand total of 248 backers pledged a total amount of  $13,738!! 
You guys have propelled this book, (and the future of this multi-faceted project as well), into orbit.  And you did it virtually SIGHT-UNSEEN.  We’re absolutely blown away.  Thunderstruck.  And we are more grateful to each & every one of you who contributed  so generously than you’ll ever know.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!
Signed copies of the first edition of the book are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  You guys have gotten in on the ground floor of something very, very special.  We’ll have many details to share with you as time goes on, but let’s just say that this project is quite literally exploding right now.  And we owe it to each & every one of you.

Feb 23

This Is Who We Are

In A Galaxy Not So Far Away…
The Star Wars Filming Locations of the United States

By Adam R. Parr
With Carl Cunningham & John Klinger

Brought to you by Monument Press


Our book is available in the following formats:

Use the following links to obtain the versions of the book you prefer:

This labor of love began between three friends nearly ten years ago, while we were still running StarWarsFan.Org.  Now, after overcoming a number of obstacles, we’re oh-so-close to making this dream a tangible reality.  With your help & pledge, our book about the Star Wars filming locations of the United States can be released in early December 2011. We still need your help.  It’s the very first complete reference guide to all the shooting locations, (along with many other significant Star Wars-related spots), in the United States.

This book was not written in a lab or a library; it’s based on our first-hand experience & extensive field work.  It’s based on our travels, our research, our photography & our documentation.  We’ve been to all the locations multiple times and have put together a book which has no rival.  It provides detailed routes & directions, reference photographs & illustrations, beautiful original location & scene artwork, maps, travel tips, personal experiences, historical background info, photographic suggestions & much more. It is very much a complete & exhaustive reference, and a perfect addition to any Star Wars book collection.

This is the book that’s been missing from the body of Star Wars reference titles for over 30 years now.  Reference books about the vehicles & technology of the Star Wars films?  Check.  Books about the costumes of the films? Absolutely. Books about the environments & the wildlife of Star Wars? Books on the esoteric religions, philosophies & cultures found in the Star Wars films? Check, check & check

But, how about a Star Wars reference book that you can actually use?  How about a book that covers places that you can actually visit?  Essentially, a guide to Star Wars in your own backyard.  Not to mention the fact that these are some of the most beautiful natural environments that you’ll find anywhere in America.

That is the essence of our book.  We delve into the natural & historical aspects of these places.  And we connect the scenes in the films to the spots on the ground.  We make these connections visually, historically & practically.  This book presents a fundamental part of the incredible “making of” story of Star Wars that, until now, has been clouded & murky at best.

This is indeed a dynamic project with more than one component.  The book is certainly the centerpiece, but there’s a lot more in store.  We’re also looking forward to the chapter that YOU will ultimately add to this project, when you share your own location stories, travelogues & photos on our websites.  Our permanent home at is currently being developed, but you can join us right now at   Visit this preliminary page, “Like” the page, look at some of the photos & stories we’ve begun to post.  You’ll start to get more of a feel for what’s inside this book.

So join us today, right now.  Pledge your support for this project, claim some of the extremely cool rewards listed on the right-hand side of this page, and help us make this book a tangible reality that all sorts of fans, readers & collectors will enjoy.  Thanks a million in advance for your help & support.

(All proceeds raised through this Kickstarter effort will be used to pay for actual production costs associated with this project that have already been realized. You’ll be helping to pay for things like the beautiful original artwork found throughout the book, legal work, and the incredible design & layout of the book itself.)

 Take A Look At Some Sample Pages: